Dear marketer, could you please make a transcript of your webinar?

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Dear Marketer,

I read one of your articles recently. (I read a lot of your articles!)
At the end of it, you had a link to a webinar. It looked really interesting, and the topic is right up my alley. I mean, come on — it’s about writing!!

But still… I didn’t sign up, and I wanted to tell you why.

We know how they work by now. Like Ogilvy said, the consumer isn’t a moron, she’s your wife. We know it’s not *really* a webinar. It’s likely a webinar jam, or some similar, which means you recorded it once and now it’s a video that “looks like” a webinar. Played on a schedule.

They usually work something like this…

— They start with the “engaging with the audience in comments” part.
— Next is an hour of ums, ahhs & improv (with your pre-made bullet points)
— The pitch is usually at the end, but sometimes it’s woven into the content.
— Last, there’s the Q&A part, because that’s a “gotta-have” for webinars

Sometimes they’re great.

More often, they’re an hour of my life I can’t get back; disorganized and full of ums and ahs and pauses and peppered with pitches for the up-sell.

Maybe yours isn’t like that, but a lot of them are.
Too many of them.
And I’m just so over it.

According to BigMarker most people will only commit to one webinar a week. Also? Only 35% of the people who sign up will actually attend.
Which means 65% of the people who register will bail out.

Ever wonder why so many people sign up and then so few attend?
Time is precious, my friend.

Seems to me that if only 35% of the people who sign up actually attend — well, that’s a lot of people who were interested and then bailed.

May I suggest a transcript?
Or a written version?
(I’d happily trade you my email for a readable version)

  1. People who don’t have the time or just plain hate video & webinars would be able to read it. So you don’t lose them. (and me)
  2. Also? It would help you clean up the presentation. More planning and scripting means less uhmming and ahhing. Bet you’d even find that better presentation gets better response rates.

I didn’t post your name because I didn’t want to put you on the spot if you’re not interested in a readable version. But who knows? Maybe...

I was totally interested in the content.
Just not the delivery method.

Hope the webinar goes great. Sorry I won’t be there.
Keep up the great writing here on Medium and I’ll keep reading.


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