David, I completely agree. Whenever there is an imbalance of power, there are angry people on both sides.

In the case of feminism, there are women who are angry about it, too. Not just men.

You’re right that it needs to be infused with love and equality, not fear and blame.

Although I agree with what you wrote, there are some crappy caveats. For example, I don’t want to be hired simply because I’m a woman. I’d much rather be hired because I’m the best person for the job.

The problem is that even if I’m better at the job, many people won’t believe that. For example, Larry Kim did a gender bias study at Wordstream. What he found is that the women on his team were actually getting better results, but customers were “happier” with the men’s results and rated the women below the men.

That happens all the time. If I spent a few more minutes at Google, I’m sure I could pull up more examples just like it. So if we’re not perceived as better at the job even when we are, how do we get a foot in the door?

And that’s just one area. I could make this into an entire post. Hiring by sex might not be the solution, but perception of gender skills doesn’t help do it the right way.

Side note — I wish you’d add a profile icon (not necessarily a photo) and start writing posts here. I suspect many people would enjoy your thoughts.

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