Damn, Wallace, you came so close. If you said this in person, I’d plunk you at the table and pour some coffee and talk your ear off.

As a female, nerdy, coder/marketer/copywriter/artist/photographer, I do not have autism traits, I am made of autism. What nerd hasn’t been put down and passed over by passive aggressive jerks? None I know of. Put the nerd on the spectrum, it gets worse fast and exponentially.

First of all, gender and chromosomes are not the same. Y chromosomes are real. Gender is a social construct. I won’t get into that one, because this post is going to be long enough. If you’re interested, I can write about it.

Patriarchy is also a social construct. Which basically means we made up all this crap because it worked for the people in power and continues to work for the people in power.

Aggression is A problem, yes. It is not “the” problem. Let’s take aggression out of the equation for a minute. Do you suppose that every woman who gets paid 80 cents on the dollar for doing the same job as a man has an aggressive a-hole signing the check? Nope.

Do you think every loving husband who believes cleaning and cooking are women’s work have an aggression problem? Nope. They have a conditioning problem. Hence, a societal construct.

If there is “a” problem, it is the perception of women as “less than” a man. This is not something i pulled out of my autistic butt. Women are not even equal to men in a court of law.

Where do you think aggression comes from? Perceived superiority.

Think about it. Think about the ugliest cases of aggression you can think of. Cops shooting black kids. Cops knocking a teenage girl to the floor because she’s black. Men beating their wives. Bored rich kids kicking a homeless guy to death. A rape every 2 minutes in America.

What do they all have in common? Perceived superiority.

When perceived superiority is about a skin color, you can blame racism. When it’s about a gender, you can blame patriarchy. I didn’t invent this stuff. And I’d love to stop talking about it — as soon as it stops happening.

Thanks so much for reading and the conversation. Best part of Medium, hands down. :)

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