Clearly, you weren’t in one of the little pockets where they like Trump. He’s got a handful of fans up here, too. Every time I’ve been in the states, I get asked (a) if we really have igloos, (b) if we all use sled dogs, (c.) do I know their “friend” from Canada — usually several provinces over, and (d) why I don’t sound Canadian.

One of my American clients laughed and said I talk like I’m from North Dakota. Makes perfect sense. I’m just north of it. Dialect is usually regional.

All of that sounds rather random and unrelated to your comment. Nope. It just answers the questions Canucks asked you. How could you elect such a person? Easy. Too many Americans don’t know or care much about their neighbors. Not across the border. Not across the fence. I get why. When stress gets to a certain point, everything outside the circle fades away. But the end result of intense and sustained self focus is seldom good.

Thanks for reading. lol on Darwin. That’s a whole different conversation.

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