Call For Writers. I Need More Stories To Nominate For A Boost

I run 3 publications. Here are some tips on what gets boosted.

Linda Caroll


photo of a storyteller by Unreal on Pixexid

I’ve been part of Medium’s boost program since spring. If you’re not familiar with the program, it means I get to nominate stories to the curators who decide if a story gets boosted.

Frankly, I need more strong writers and storytellers to nominate.

My publications are small, which doesn’t matter in terms of views because boosted stories get more views regardless of publication size. But what it does mean is that I have a smaller writer pool to nominate from.

And while I “can” go outside my publications to nominate stories, I prefer to nominate writers who contribute to publications I have worked to build and continue to work to maintain and grow.

So I’m putting out a call for writers. I’m also adding some tips on which posts do best (and tend to get boosted) in my publications.

History of Women — a sometimes bawdy, sometimes serious (but never boring) romp through time

History of women is less “lemme tell you the biography of Marie Curie” and more “Men still say the same things that got us killed as witches in Salem.

Less biography and more “did you know Barbie was modeled after a sex doll?

Those are real stories. They got over 10K views each. This tiny publication has sent almost 60K views to our top stories in the last 90 days. Because they got boosted.

Successful stories in this publication vary from silly to dead serious. From meaty stories about the one man who said the uterus is the source of all insanity to bizarre nicknames for breasts.

Dry biographies don’t fly. Boosted stories have a je ne sais quoi — something that makes them stand out. That’s the best way I can describe what works.

I suggest looking at our top stories to get a feel for this publication.

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