But the truth is we aren’t over it. Not just men, either. I read a story right here on Medium by a young woman who had every possible kind of sex “except intercourse” because she wanted to be a “virgin” on her wedding day.

I’m not even sure whether the definition of virginity is the issue. To me, the issue is that this dude thinks his 18 year old daughter’s sex life is any of his damn business.

Secondary issue — the double standard for his son.

Third issue. An average 18 year old might tell Daddy to mind his own business. But when Daddy is rich and famous, and probably bankrolls college and life, pretty hard for her to have the agency to say butt out.

Fourth issue. Why did the doctor ask her permission with him in the room? Famous patient syndrome, like the doctors who give celebrities any damn thing they want?

What a mess of crap.

P.S. For Suzanne V. Tanner — there’s the answer to the son question.

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