Ben, this was great. I’m reading a book called “Why Smart People Hurt” by Eric Maisel. He talks about the high incidence of mental pain and depression in people who are highly intelligent and/or neuroatypical and some techniques for self training and reframing negative thought loops.

As I’m reading, I can’t help but wonder why more doctors aren’t looking at people on a case by case basis instead of just handing out pills. And, of course, I know the answer. Time. They have a room full of patients waiting for their 15 minutes of medical care. I won’t even get into the pharmaceutical industry and how deep their influence is buried in the medical industry.

So often, people who struggle with depression are some of our brightest and most creative thinkers. How sad that all we have for them is a panacea.

I’m so glad you keep writing. We need more like you. ❤

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