Ayo, I love what you’re doing here on Medium. I have a great deal of respect for the dedication you have with regard to encouraging people. You just show up and show up without fail, and I admire that. That’s where this comes from, okay? Normally, I’m of the Bambi camp — if I can’t say something nice, then I don’t say nuthin’ at all.

It is not entitled to want more out of life than a roof over one’s head. We have one life. One. And to spend it doing something we hate, doing a soul sucking job because it keeps a roof over our head — no. I don’t agree. It is not entitled to want more than that.

It’s not just millennials spewing the “passion” schtick, either. Steve Jobs said it, too, and he was no millennial. He was a frigging boomer, like me. And Jim Rohn, who was even older. But I promise you, when Jobs was broke and sleeping on a friends floor, he wasn’t preaching passion. He was doing whatever he could to make ends meet, just like most of us.

Passion “can” come from proficiency, but that’s not a given, either. Back in 1998, I created one of the first shopping carts on the internet because there was no paypal or shopify back then. I was very proficient at coding and scripting. It never turned into passion. It was always just a way to eat and pay my bills. I could do what others couldn’t. Simple as that. It got me clients.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy how we spend our life, and paying the bills is part of life. The part people need to remember is that thing Mark Manson said — we need to find the flavor of sh*t sandwich we can stomach. Because even “work we love” includes parts we don’t love.

Sorry for how long this was. The word “entitled” pushes my buttons when it’s used for something that’s human and normal. Wanting better is not entitled. Expecting to have it handed to us, that might be entitled.

Thanks for listening. Keep writing — I’ll keep reading! ❤

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes. https://lindac.substack.com/

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