Are you sure, though? I mean, if you came right out and said you wanted more than friendship, then maybe. And when she asked you to set up the meeting with her secret crush, did you tell her why you might not want to do that? If you told her you’re interested and she still asked you to set her up, that’s cold on her part. But did you say no, and explain why?

It kind of sounds like you acted like a “friend” and then were surprised when she treated you like nothing more than that. Maybe I’m entirely wrong, but it seems to me a lot of men have some really messed up ideas about women.

Another one — saying women like bad boys. Really? Like ALL women? We’re not cut from a mold. What kind of guy a woman is attracted to has far more to do with the men in her life and what triggers “familiarity” to her than any incorrect stereotypes of good guys, bad guys, nice guys, etc.

It makes me sad. But on the other hand, it’s good that men are writing stuff like this. It opens the door to conversations and nothing ever changes that isn’t first discussed.

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