And you’re not even disagreeing. Not really. Because if writers could add external pages in the tabs (like pubs can) our lists would go there and we wouldn’t need to get people “off’ Medium.

You’re spot on with the observation about the downside of all your pubs. They give you those features, but at the cost of not publishing in the ones that can curate you, or give a bigger audience. Medium could solve that by letting writers have the features publications do.

Interesting note about what you saw above the fold. Only thing is that we all see different stuff on the home page, so what you see is unique to you. I’ve never seen Freakonomics Radio on my homepage at all, ever. The customized feed (homepage) means we don’t know what anyone else sees.

I have such interesting conversations with you, Lon — I enjoy that and thank you. And thanks for reading my rant. :)

Mind if I ask a question?

You mentioned 230,000 writers — I’ve seen that number before. Is there somewhere it’s published or confirmed? I’d love to be able to verify when I quote that number. So far, I’ve credited the grape vine.

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