And do what? That’s my question, and I mean it very sincerely. No sarcasm intended. I truly want to know. Do what? Because it doesn’t matter if the president is a democrat or a republican. Not much changes.

Not much has changed for decades, except to get worse. In the last 40 years, CEO salaries have gone up over 1100% while worker salaries went up 11%. The rich get richer and the middle class become the nouveau poor.

There have been both republicans and democrats in the white house during that time frame. It’s not a democracy, it’s an oligarchy and the rich white men at the top will ensure they continue to stockpile cash at the expense of everyone else.

Americans are not going to vote in an independent, and even if they did, he’s going to be a rich white man, too. So what’s the solution? Does American have to fall, the way Rome did? And then what? China or Russia takes over as the world leader. And then what?

Most people have no idea what to do. They vote for the candidate they hate least, or the one who hates the same people they hate. So easy to blame immigrants or black people or women or (insert hate of choice) for the economic problems and not look at the root problem, which is rich old men using the rest of the people as cogs in the wheel of ever growing profit.

More than ever, America needs someone to step up and tell them how to get out of this mess, but of all the political writers I read, I’m not seeing it. I’m seeing a lot of people explaining the problem, but no one providing any actionable suggestions for effecting actual change.

It makes me sad, and frustrated, and I’m not even American. I can only imagine how some of y’all must feel. But hey, if we all start getting up at 5 AM, we, too can be rich. *sigh*

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