An Open Letter To The Man Whose First Book Is Dying On Amazon

You asked what you’re doing wrong. You serious? Here you go.

Linda Caroll


photo from piqsels

Dear Sir, I read your post about how frustrated you are with your book’s sales on Amazon. I know — you did so many things right. You paid for editing and a professional cover. Proofreading. All the things a “professional” does.

You hit the magic publish button. And then… crickets.

You said even friends and family aren’t buying your book. You guessed maybe they’re hoping for complimentary copies, but the reviews would have been appreciated. Some helpful reader told you why that’s a bad idea.

Because if reviews are from people “connected” to you, they hurt your book sales instead of helping. You didn’t even know that.

Can I be honest?

Every time I read a post like yours, something dies inside me all over again and that guy in the Christmas movie dies and an angel doesn’t get her wings.

People like you are why I got OUT of the publishing industry. Closed the door behind me and ran, weeping for the dream that died too hard.

Because too many writers go about it just like you.

Did you know 15% of books on Amazon sell more than 200 copies?

According to Publishers Weekly, Amazon’s CreateSpace published 1.4 million print titles in 2018. 3,835 books per day. 159 books every hour.

85% of all books published will sell less than 200 copies.
Dreams die hard.

The real shame is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s what aspiring authors truly do. not. get.

For one shining moment, you had a real chance at success. A tiny, tiny pocket of time where there was a golden halo around you and you were equal to every other writer on the planet. No matter who.

If Stephen King or Margaret Atwood hit publish the same day as you, you were their equal. For one shining pocket of time. An hour, maybe. A few hours.