Almost a million people have died from C0VID so far. 893.5K globally. There will be more deaths as kids go back to school. More deaths with hurricane and flood season and wild fires.

I never thought mass death on a global scale might be the thing that buys us a little time to get it right with climate change. But maybe.

If American re-elects Trump, the death toll will not go down anytime soon.

I wonder how many people have to get sick and not be able to afford health care because they lost their jobs before they begin to understand that healthcare should not only be for those who can pay. Soon few will be able to do that.

Average Americans pay 25% of their income to the government while congress is a millionaire's club. I wonder if people will figure it out in time.

When all is said and done, the planet will be just fine. It might need to get rid of us to do that, though. Unless we collectively wise up. Quickly.

Well written. Thanks. :)

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