According to Ursula Le Guin I’m a pompous ass. Don’t laugh, you might be, too…

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o, I’m reading Ursula Le Guin. Because it seems that’s what we do when famous people we admired die. Humans are weird.

Anyway, I stumbled across this, and it gave me ponder…

No matter how humble the spirit it’s offered in, a sermon is an act of aggression.

“The great Way is very simple; merely forgo opinion,” says the Taoist, and I know it’s true — but there’s a preacher in me who just longs to cram my lovely pot with my opinions, with beliefs, with Truths.

And if my subject’s a morally loaded one, such as Man’s relationship to Nature — well, that Inner Preacher’s just itching to set people straight and tell them how to think and what to do, yes, Lord, amen!

I have more trust in my Inner Teacher. She is subtle and humble because she hopes to be understood. She contains contradictory opinions without getting indigestion. She can mediate between the arrogant artist self who mutters, “I don’t give a damn if you understand me,” and the preacher self who shouts, “Now hear this!”

She doesn’t declare truth, but offers it. She takes a Grecian urn and says, “Look closely at this, study it for study will reward you; and I can tell you some of the things that other people have found in this pot…”

Subtle isn’t a word most people would use to describe me. You know?

And there’s no shortage of people telling other people what to do. Y’all know the time we wake up is why we’re in the staff room, not the board room.

There’s a saying that if you look at the 5 people you spend most time with, you’re looking at yourself. Course, that’s because “you are what you eat” never meant just how you fill your belly. Also means what you fill your head with.

It made me think about offering truth without declaring it.
It made me think about the Inner Preacher.
It made me think.

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