A Great Publication Is Leaving And Taking 2 Million Views With Them

Ev made a lot of damn mistakes, but he got one thing right and too many people seem oblivious

Linda Caroll
6 min readSep 7, 2022


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One of my favorite publications is leaving and I am unspeakably sad.

Also, bummed. You should be, too. They brought a crap ton of readers here. Over 2 million visits per month. 6.4 million visits in the last 3 months.

Here’s the notice posted this morning:

The beloved followers of this publication, with a heavy heart I must announce that this Medium publication will be deleted in the following days. This has been a change that has been contemplated for many months, but it is time to go.

Please, do not worry as the History of Yesterday and all the great content you have been used to is not gone, just moved to a new website that is not affiliated with this platform. You can find this new website here: https://historyofyesterday.com/


If you think meta posts are what “works” here, you’re so wrong.

Here’s a few of my top stories from History of Yesterday. I have to wonder — do you get views like that on your “how to earn money on Medium” posts?

They’re not all like that. No one hits it out of the park every time. But my posts in that publication outperformed everything else. Hands down.

Screencap by author

Sure, newbies want to know how to make money off this platform. But not all readers are newbie writers.

Readers are funny. They just want something interesting to read.

Even better when a story is true. And when it isn’t about the world ending because not everyone wants that rubbed in their face day after damn day.

Did you know the Pied Piper was real? He was. 130 children disappeared and never came back. Do you know how beautiful the wives of Henry VIII were if you took off those stupid head garbs? I wrote about that, too. With pics.



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