A Book of Magic for New Years…

Did you know resolution makers are the minority?

Statistica says 40% of people make New Year resolutions. I’m not one of them. The most common resolutions, they say, are to save money or lose weight. Which isn’t surprising, except only 8% of people keep those resolutions.

Too often, resolutions set us up to fail…

Psychology Today says people often start a New Year by taking stock of where they are. Except, human nature being what it is, we often turn “taking stock” into fault-finding. Which then turns into shame. Problem is, shame has a negative effect on outcome so — in essence — we set ourselves up to fail.

I don’t want to start a New Year that way…

I don’t want to start 2019 with my jaw clenched in determination that this, this will be the year I will be richer or skinnier. No, I want to greet the New Year with my arms full of the joy of simply being alive.

A book of magic for New Years!

A lot of people would have loved to be able to celebrate one more Christmas, one more New Year. But they didn’t get to. And, by sheer luck of fate, we do. So what, then, shall we do with that?

Then, I’ll tuck the book away for the magic to begin…

All year, the book will wait. But, some part of my mind will remember that it’s there. All year, I hope I’ll catch myself thinking — that’s one for the book!

One of the things [Uncle Alex] found objectionable about human beings was that they so rarely noticed when they were happy. He himself did his best to acknowledge it when times were sweet. We could be drinking lemonade in the shade of an apple tree in the summertime, and Uncle Alex would interrupt the conversation to say, “If this isn’t nice, what is?”

So I hope you will do the same for the rest of your lives. When things are going sweetly and peacefully, please pause a moment, and say out loud, “If this isn’t nice, what is?”

Will you join me?

I hope you’ll start a book of magic, too. But even if you don’t, I’d love if you’d share one wonderful memory from the last year. It would be so amazing to scroll down and find a list of beautiful moments of the last year.

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