Thousands of women burned to death, screaming for help

Fanny Longfellow was sitting at the table with her little girls.

It was July 10, 1861 and she’d snipped little Edie’s curls because it was so hot that summer. They were going to save her curls in an envelope. A keepsake.

Edith (7) and Allie (Allegra, 10) watched their mommy melt sealing wax with a candle when a gentle summer breeze…

Some words are kryptonite to writers.

Weak words to a writer are as kryptonite to Superman. // Superman photo source // Lois Lane source // Comic text blurbs by me. :)

A woman I know doesn’t know the difference between there & they’re.

Last summer she said her kids are excited because there going to ride horses.
Not “they’re” going horseback riding. There going…

I don’t think she realizes there’s a third spelling, either. …

Either that, or your human suit doesn’t fit. You pick.

left: honey badger // center: angry man // right: donkey — Just in case you didn’t recognize them. :)

Ever noticed that some behaviors are perfectly okay for one species but not even a little bit okay for another?

Here’s what I mean. Ever seen a horse scream?

Jeebus, they throw their head back and open their eyes until you can’t see anything but the whites of their eyes…

Please stop. These aren’t helping, I promise you

photo from piqsels (I added the noob text. :) you’re welcome)

This morning I got a notification that someone “mentioned” me in a post. Curious, I went to see.

Honestly, the post was terrible. I hate to say that, but it was.

The first draft is supposed to be the rambling brain dump.
The finished version is supposed to make more sense.

Linda Caroll

Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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