Artist Becca Saladin’s art amplifies the pain and tragedy of five beautiful young women who died too young

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photos of King Henry VIII’s wives created by Becca Saladin © Royalty Now

The daughter of two teachers, Becca Saladin has always loved history. Her love of history, paired with her talent as a graphic artist is breathing new interest into centuries-old stories.

It all started with Anne Boleyn

The first book her father read her was a fictionalized version of the Anne Boleyn story. Boleyn, King Henry VIII’s second wife, was a feisty and intelligent woman who quickly became Saladin’s favorite historical figure.

One day, she wondered what Boleyn would look like today. So, she opened Photoshop to see if she could bring her into the future. …

From Kyoto to Hollywood because of a photo of Lincoln in a discarded old magazine. The biggest influence in history, he says.

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Photo compilation by author. || Sculpture by Kazu Hiro || Photo credits #1 Sam Yoo , #2 Wikipedia, #3 Kazu Hiro

If all you saw were the headshots, you’d swear a photographer somehow traveled 150 years back in time to take photos of the 16th president of the United States of America. It looks that real.

From each angle, the expression seems to change. It’s the magic of silicone, theatrical makeup, human hair, and the astounding skill of a self-taught artist named Kazu Hiro, who build the sculpture layer by layer, from the inside out.

One person brainstorming and 27 people brainstorming are not the same.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Writers struggle. Not everyday. Some days the words flow like honey on a hot summer day. But we all struggle sometimes. Frustration. Lack of ideas. Lack of esteem. Lack of response. Hell, lack of interest, sometimes.

Know what else?

One person brainstorming and 27 people brainstorming are not the same. Not even close. One person can give you a whole bunch of inspiration, but add a couple dozen writers and the ideas are bound to be amazing.

One person can’t come up with what 27 people can.

My Substack group is made of writers. News journalists, authors, content creators, bloggers, people who write for a living, and people who are just getting started. …

Four children raised without their mothers because of a King’s obsession with producing a male heir to the throne

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King Henry VIII and his children collage by author. Source photos: Henry VII // Fitzroy // Edward VI and bottom row by Becca Saladin © Royalty Now

History paints King Henry VIII as a tyrant and understandably so, because that’s what he became in his later years. But he didn’t start that way.

Young Henry was a tall, slender, and happy young prince when he stepped into the role fate handed him at age 18. By all accounts, he was enchanted by the woman who was his first queen. Catherine was a tiny, gentle woman with a ready smile and long red hair that flowed to her hips.

They wed in June 1509 and by November of the same year, Henry happily wrote to her parents to proudly announce that she was ripe with his child. …

What no one tells authors about their websites…

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public domain photo from piqsels

If you wanted to fly an airplane, you’d have to learn from someone that already knows how, right? Duh. We all know that.

Problem is, the internet doesn’t remotely work that way. There’s no shortage of people telling you how to do stuff because they think what worked for them will work for everyone. It’s not so much lack of experience as lack of breadth.

For example, the marketing that works to sell course on how to make money doesn’t work to sell high end fashion, or $50/lb coffee. It’s not that the person selling the “money” course doesn’t have experience. Often, they just lack breadth of experience. …

Did Hollywood whitewash Cleopatra? A Pulitzer Winning historian says no.

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Cleopatra, Caesar and Antony photo compilation by author // Source of photos: Wikipedia and Royalty Now

Most of what we know about Cleopatra is wrong…

She was a queen at 18, the richest woman in the world, lover of Julius Caesar, and Marc Antony, the most famous woman of the Greco-Roman era — and yet almost everything we know about her is wrong. How sad is that?

She was not a promiscuous seductress. She had sex with two men and bore children to both. She didn’t kill herself by the bite of an asp hidden in a basket of figs. That’s a dramatization. She poisoned herself to avoid being taken prisoner of war and paraded through the streets in chains.

She was the queen of Egypt, but she wasn’t Egyptian — she was Greek. …

What I found is both encouraging and kind of depressing

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photo source cleanpng

Can I be blunt? I have struggled my ass off on this platform. Mom used to tell me stubborn is my middle name and that’s probably the reason I’m still here.

First hurdle, I don’t write personal expose. Not my thing. In the past, I’ve been stalked and doxed as too many women have, and I’m not interested in sharing anything personal unless it’s by phone or email.

Some people say you have to get deeply personal. They’re wrong. Seth Godin doesn’t write about those things either and no one seems to mind.

Second. I am a woman in a world that prefers the male voice. In case you didn’t know, the top writers here are mostly men. Y’all know men aren’t just better writers, right? Again, no offense to men. It’s just how the world is. …

“The level of cruelty is actually stunning”

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photo source: The Copper Courier, Arizona News

It’s been a rough year. Many have lost jobs or had hours cut drastically. Millions of Americans can’t pay their bills. So when the company you work for emails about a holiday bonus — and it comes from a legit email at the company domain, what do you do?

If you’re a GoDaddy employee, you follow the instructions and click to get your bonus. At least, that’s what 500 GoDaddy employees did.

Here’s the email they got

Three separate employees who received the email and tried to claim their holiday bonus forwarded the email to the local news.

“If I could have worked without this accursed disease, what things I might have done”

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Vincent Van Gogh comic art by Moghaddam © moghaddamkarimi

What do you know about Van Gogh, I wonder? A painting or two? Starry Nights or Sunflowers. Art students might say he cut his ear off and gave it to a prostitute. Or that he killed himself. Cold facts, perhaps wrong.

My history teacher used to put us to sleep

History can be dry and boring. But it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to the internet, artists are breathing new life and new interest into old stories. Like illustrator Alireza Karimi Moghaddam, who creates an ongoing series of comics to explore the story of Van Gogh’s short and tragic life.

Let me tell you what you never forget. You never forget when they pull the sheet over your mother’s face.

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Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

Let me tell you what you never forget. You never forget how it feels when you watch them pull the sheet over your mother’s face.

They strap her down and push the gurney out the door, down the hall slowly in measured steps. Towards the elevator. We trail behind, her ducklings, knowing it would be the last time we’d see her.

Tears roll silent down my face. Behind me, my sister keens softly and I am nearly undone. The elevator dings and as the doors open, I run to kiss her one last time, through the sheet. …


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