Best advice for creative people I’ve ever heard.

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Weird story. One day this kid was sitting at his lousy low wage job, selling admission tickets at a movie theatre.

He looks up, and there’s Keanu Reeves.

Took a minute to realize it was him. He offered to “sign him in” with his employee discount. …

“Will break your heart and stitch it back together piece by piece”

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Her mother found her in the closet, surrounded by long strands of her own long golden hair. She’d hacked it all off. In the closet. In the dark.

She looked at her mother through eyes that weren’t really there.
Mentally, she was still in that dark alley.

Gently, her mother…

I don’t think she could have imagined a better birthday party if she’d tried and I am so in. Happy Birthday, Golden Girl.

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Today would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday and I’m so mad that death cheated her out of the milestone.

17 days short.

Some people blame People Magazine. They jinxed her, they say. Someone posted it on Twitter and it took a life of it’s own. The birthday issue hit…

A publication for book lovers where there’s no rejection and no waiting to get published. Here’s how to join.

The Book Café is a publication where book lovers can write about books they read and enjoyed or loved or were inspired by.

The difference is that all writers are editors.

Which means I don’t need to review posts and accept or reject submissions.
I don’t need to walk anyone…

If you’re a book lover, I think you’ll like it. A lot.

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I write for a publication called The Partnered Pen.

If you’re not familiar with it, here’s what’s different about it.
All writers are editors.

Which means you get to publish your own stories. No waiting for editors to review the story and accept or reject. Submit and publish.



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