7 Things You Might Not Know About Substack And Why They Matter

I was going to call this “How Lenny Rachitsky earned $65K” but I think I need to back up a little so it makes sense

Linda Caroll


photo from pexels

Couple of days ago, another writer tagged me on a post. He was crushed about how badly his earnings tanked. He used to earn $400-$1000 every month. In October he earned $32.

So I wrote about why writers throw in the towel.

I know — writers write because they have to. It’s like the thing Kafka said about a non-writing writer being a monster courting insanity.

I know. That’s me. Boy, is that me. Nuts if I don’t write.

But here’s what some people don’t get. It’s different to earn $32 when you’ve never earned a penny for writing vs. earning $32 if you used to earn $1000. The first writer is a super great replacement for the second.

The first writer is still excited and seeing the potential. When you’re the latter, it’s easy to feel pretty beat up by words.

Just so you know, I’m not beating up Medium.

I’m just talking about what it’s like to try earn an income writing. Substitute Vocal, Newsbreak or any other site. Because thing is, they grow and it…