5 Words That Make You Sound Like Some Kind Of An Animal

Either that, or your human suit doesn’t fit. You pick.

Linda Caroll
3 min readNov 4, 2021


left: honey badger // center: angry man // right: donkey — Just in case you didn’t recognize them. :)

Ever noticed that some behaviors are perfectly okay for one species but not even a little bit okay for another?

Here’s what I mean. Ever seen a horse scream?

Jeebus, they throw their head back and open their eyes until you can’t see anything but the whites of their eyes. Then they wag their head back and forth so hard they slap themselves in the face with their own lips.

All while screaming. And it’s perfectly okay for a horse.

You or me scream like that, we’re going to end up in a padded room.
In a white shirt with long sleeves that tie behind us.

Humans are not supposed to act like animals

Not even cute little doggies and cats. I saw this video. After I had a good laugh, I was very (very) glad these are not my neighbors.

Youtubers next door would suck. The days of running the garbage out to the bin in a tshirt and underpants would be done.

Go ahead. You know you could use a laugh.

Yes, Victoria, there is a literary equivalent

I am here to tell you that there’s more than one way humans act like animals. Mr. Webster be damned, sometimes it’s just by flapping our lips.

There are words humans simply shouldn’t use.
Unless you’re some kind of animal.

Or your human suit doesn’t fit. You pick.
We all saw 3rd Rock, if you know what I mean.

Here’s 5 words that bite your tongue, humans shouldn’t say.

1. Actually

The honey badger is the meanest animal in the world. So vicious it’ll take down a buffalo with zero f*cks given. Straight for the jugular. That’s what using…



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