5 Sites That Pay $200-$2000 for Top Quality Writing

Serious writers earn serious pay

Linda Caroll


Have you ever wondered how much full time writers earn?

Truth is, it varies.

It’s not just writing chops, although that’s a factor. If your writing is weak, you likely won’t get top of the line pay. But the converse is not true. Great writers don’t always get great pay.

There’s no shortage of awesome writers who get paid peanuts.

Sometimes, it comes down to who you write for. There are big outlets that pay poorly and others that pay their writers well.

If you’re just getting into writing, you should probably start with sites that pay $50-$100 per piece and build some experience.

Truth is, writing for $50 per article might sound great if you’re used to getting pennies for your writing, or nothing at all. But once you factor in taxes and time, you’ll realize that you need to get paid better to consistently turn out good content that’s backed by research.

If you are somewhat established and can show examples of published writing if you’re asked to, here’s five sites that pay experienced writers very well.

When and why they don’t respond…

Sometimes writers are in such a hurry to submit their writing in hopes of a great payout, they forget to read the submission guide. They don’t read the samples. They don’t read the publication to get the feel of the writing.

This makes it harder for all writers as a whole. Because of the volume of submissions that do not follow the guidelines, most of the outlets listed below will not even respond if they aren’t interested in your pitch or submission.

If you’re serious about building a career as a writer, take the time to read all the submission information. Once they’ve accepted you once, you’ll become a familiar name and that goes a really long way towards repeat work.

1. The Sun

Rate: $300 — $2000
Length: varies

The Sun is an independent, ad-free magazine that’s been using words and photos to evoke the…